Thursday, April 17, 2008

grab a snack...

because it's going to be a long one.

For the past three days I've been a packing machine, but things at the house have been crazy. It's been a very hectic week to say the least. Roxy isn't loving her collar but I think her foot is finally all better. Overall the dogs have been a pain in the butt. I think they are getting sick of just me. With all the packing upsetting their normal environment and all the people coming the house since it's been up for sale - I think they are just kinda over it all and stressed. They (and me too!) deserve some fun this weekend so I hope we can figure out something fun to do with them.

An offer went for 751 and so the house was inspected, appraised, and checked for termites all on Monday, at basically the same time. The family came too so the house was nuts for about 3 hours. I was so relieved when it was done because I could pull everything out, make a mess, and finally get really packed.

So I started in my office. Got everything in the closet packed up and ready to go. Most of the "time-capsule" stuff that we each have are in the closet so it's always interesting to look back through it all. I love all of Joe's MAD magazines, Conan the Barbarian comics... and who doesn't remember these....

I still have the Sesame Street Record player for these... I have to get it from my parents and see if it still works.

Tuesday I did a ton more packing and cleaning - but without power! About 1:00pm the power in the neighborhood went out until 6:30pm. It was a big pain in the butt, especially since I was working on some computer things when it went out, fun.

I did get into my studio though and start organizing all of my crafty mess. It's so awesome to be able to go through everything, re-organize it, and be re-inspired. I found these cards that Joe's mom gave me a few years ago. Thy are really pretty and looking at them so reminds me of dance school at Columbia. It's like each card captures a moment that I can totally relate to. I may make them into a little ATC/Journal.

One thing I noticed while organizing ephemera and things into my inspiration box (which is now overflowing!) was that the index cards on the C&T Publishing File Box were warping from not having enough support in the box.

So for a quick fix I grabbed some left over cardboard, measured to size, and adhered them to the cards. I didn't cut my cardboard really clean, but if you needed to make it look more uniform you could sand the edges to smooth them out.


(Gordon Ramsey-style crafting.)

Wednesday was another hectic day. I came back from a long and really hot walk with the dogs to find the family who is buying 751 in the driveway. No one had told me they were coming and trust me when I say that there way NO WAY the house was presentable for them to come in. I panicked a bit... and called the real estate agent. Landlord forgot to call me and tell me that he and the family were doing a walk through of some problems that came up at inspection. Ugh. So I rushed around the house while they were downstairs talking throwing clothes in hamper, picking up dogs toys and dog hair (they are shedding so bad right now), stuffing dishes into the sink. ARRRRRGGGG... I was a mess. So I had to clean myself up too. lol...

They stayed again several hours which just totally threw the day off. The dogs were nuts again the whole time... it's so stressful (for any of you who've been here you know!) to be moving, having the house sold (thank goodness we are renters), packing, raising a german shepherd pup... man I need some r&r!

And now it's FRIDAY! And my boyfriend comes home for the weekend to help me and give me a break. I'm so thankful to be seeing him. Sometimes I feel like I'm cracking up when it's just me and the dogs. Ever start talking to them like they care? Or understand? Yeah I'm there!

I'm really excited for this weekend. Yes there will be a lot of work to do Saturday but Sunday is all mine and my hubby's... I just want a cocktail, and a spot on the beach. I don't think I've wanted a beach day this bad since moving here!

I hope that everyone has had a great week and has an even better weekend!



Kinsey said...

Dang girl!!! You had quite the stressful little week, my gift to you is permission to relax this weekend...and yes, I DO have the

But seriously, hope everything goes more smoothly from here on out!

Hugs! Kinsey

Greta said...

Wow! What a whirlwind for you. But, glad that you can move forward now. Have a great weekend!!

Shaina said...

ah man! I think it is so rude for people to show up unexpectedly. They are suppose to give you 24 hours notice! Hope the rest of the move happens smoothly for you! Enjoy your weekend together. How nice.

The Design Experiment said...

ugh. I sooooooooooooo feel your pain! We are in the same predicament! I am soooooooooo tired of our Realtor calling and asking if she can show the house in a half hour! I'm like, WTF? I have 3 kids, hubby is at work, and the house is a mess! ARGH!!!

I'm thinking of ya!