Friday, April 11, 2008


For the new DT to be announced at A Million Memories. More nervous this time than I was last year I think... probably because now I know what an amazing group of girls are over there and how unbelievable Michelle is to design for. I've made some really great friends over the past year and I hope I'm asked to design again for them... still crossing my fingers! lol!

For Joey to come back to Florida one last time to help me pack up and move out. I miss him so much and while him coming down to help me probably isn't the most cost effective decision in the world I NEED to see him. It's been pretty emotional for me trying to deal with all of our "stuff" alone so having him here will totally re-energize me for the trip up.

So while I'm waiting I'm finally getting started packing my closet up which is a HUGE mess. I have stuff in there from grade school - high school - all kinda of crazy stuff. This is going to be the final purge I think of stuff I know I won't use... lol. Like who really needs their high school econ notebook? Seriously...

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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