Wednesday, May 2, 2012

i'd like to hear from YOU!

image from Dawn Smith Designs
title graphic via Oh, Hello Friend

hello there blog friends!

the weather is lousy today so my WIP photos are yucky... rest assure that i am crocheting my little fingers bloody and will have at least one Friday FO to share, i promise!

it's reader appreciation week at Oh, Hello Friend and today Danni posted a getting to know you questionnaire that i want to play here at the art of everyday as well. i know there are lurkers out there (i see you in my stats friends) and so i thought this would be a great way to see who is out there and share info! i am always looking to add people to my bloglovin' feed... if you read me i want to read you! (hope that doesn't sound too creepy.)

TEA or Coffee:

just copy and paste this little form into the comments section and answer away! i promise i'll visit everyone!

and here are my answers...

NAME: Meredith Taylor
TEA or COFFEE: i strongly dislike coffee. always have. TEA! (is chocolate milk on ice an option? hehe)
TIME I WOKE UP TODAY: 7am. my love takes morning baby/breakfast duty. i love him.
FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURE TV SHOW: anything ghost/haunting related. adventures. hunters. hunters interntational. i'm a big geek for it. also i'm addicted to anything reality gameshow. 
MY DREAM VACATION WOULD BE: Japan! always wanted to go... but i'd also like to take my husband to all the places in South America that i got to see when we were working for seperate cruise companies. specifically Ushuaia. gorgeous.

make sure you go visit Oh, Hello Friend for reader appreciation week. there are some amazing deals and giveaways that you have to check out. so far the giveaways posted are...

go enter now!!



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