Tuesday, May 8, 2012

thrifted + gifted. children's books.

hello loves.

sorry for the radio silence the past few days. i have been concentrating on my little miss who has had a head cold since last weekend. she's a trouper though and looks to be on the mend! 

i'm happy to have a few moments tonight to share a few more of the goodies i thrifted while little miss + i were visiting back home in indiana this easter. (there's a song there i think. back home again in indiana... ha.) 

last week i got an amazing big box from my mom. due to baggage weight restrictions (and because i always pack too much to begin with) i had to leave some of my thrifting finds, easter gifts for little miss, and birthday party project materials (yay!) behind. of course there were some extra cute new things tucked in there as well for grandma's little miss. we were both pretty stoked on the box and it's contents.


the 'gifted' treasure in this group of lovelies is my old craft "going to grandma's" project bag. i'm 99.9% sure this bag started out as my library bag that i would take to and from my aunt's house. i could be wrong though. for sure this bag held random books, toys, open lollipops... found evidence of that, thankfully "kind of" in the wrapper so no damage to the bag. it was also what i would consider one of my first real craft project bags. this one specifically held yarn for fingerknitting and those elastic loops you'd stretch on a plastic loom and then weave pot holders. my next project when i get home is to organize that mess and maybe make a few summer throwback crafts ♥  

i love this bag and am so happy to pass it down to my little miss. it's a little big for her still. she's such a petite shorty (i'll share a pic of her trying to lug it around the house soon). i want to think about sewing a patch/reinforcing the bottom before we take it on its first trip to the library. it's in great condition but there is a little pinhole, weaker, darkened area on the corners of where a big book would sit and i want to avoid a full tear. i may do a little deconstruct/reconstruct project on it soon.

i found a few disney board books from the 1989 series. little miss wasn't so sure about these when we found them but i'm so glad i decided to grab them because she loves them. at $.50 a piece, there was no way i wasn't getting them. let's be honest.

i also picked up 'mickey and the magic cloak' from the wonderful world of reading series. this series from the mid-70s is probably my favorite to find. i love the size of them, the simple illustration. i think they generally hold up so much better than the golden series or some of the disney weekly readers from the 90s that had the thinner shinier paper... when they aren't written in or have torn pages out of course.

i also was lucky enough to find this lovely vintage collection of children's poems...

i'm so in love with this goodwill find. it has a copyright of 1945 and is illustrated by Ninon. there are many writers who i have not heard of before, that's not so much a reflection on whether they are well-known or not... i love poetry books but i can't say that i'm well versed in it. pun most definitely intended...

there are pieces by Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, Shakespeare, Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, Tennyson, and the like... as well as several writers that have many works in the book so i speculate that they may have been popular children's writers/poets in the 40s. i need to do some research on the writers i don't recognize.

little miss + i have really been enjoying this new addition to our library! the illustrations are so sweet and i'm astounded by what good shape it's in. this treasure was well cared for in it's previous home ♥

i hope you enjoyed seeing some of my finds. if you'd like to check out the other goodies i scored on our last trip home check them out here. tomorrow i have some wips to update and later this week i will be sharing how i sized down the urban revival beanie for little miss. she's ridiculously cute in it if i do say so myself. ok want a peek?

oh my loves. her baby blues knock me out every time.



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