Wednesday, May 9, 2012

on the hook: chevron market bag

hi there.
it's wednesday and since i can't share my special order which is currently in process i thought i'd finally start on some cotton crocheting that i've been obsessing over.

i've had this idea in my head that i have to throw myself into spring and summer yarns because, let's face it, wool at this time of the year and still having to wear our hats and sweaters in may is just depressing. spring in the east is not necessarily a fun time and we've been dealing with rain and cooler temps so as i figure it changing up the yarns on my hook might send a message to the weather to shape up. yes i know that what's on my hook has very little impact on anything outside of myself but at least it makes me feel better to move onto some lighter projects...

i've had this Lion Cotton since teaching myself to crochet two years ago. i hold onto stash way too long. none of my skeins are full (which i'm now discovering is going to be a slight problem) but i figured i'd have enough of the colors put together to come up with something great.

i've been eyeing this really great Chevron Yoga Bag by Hanri Shaw and i've been wanting a nice new market bag to take with me to the nyc street fairs and farmer's markets so with a few adjustments i got started today.

i did originally start the bag in the always lovely Spud + Chloƫ Sweater yarn (the green up top there) which i really like but the yarn was so soft and heavenly feeling that i thought a stretchy bag that will probably be put through the ringer this summer wasn't the right use for it. i may end up getting more anyway to make more bags (my sister needs this yoga bag whether she knows it yet or not) and you can't beat Spud + Chloƫ colors but for now i'm waiting for something more special.

i like the Lion Cotton so far because it's going to offer a little more structure while still being soft which is good for a bag.

i'm not following the pattern by Hanri Shaw 100%. i wanted my base a little wider and it looks like the Lion Cotton is giving me a little bit of a smaller gauge so i've added a few extra single crochet lines before starting the chevron pattern. also (and i haven't triple checked my math yet) i may have found a few stitch count errors in the original pattern but i want to send them to the writer before sharing any corrections or rewrites i've done.

here is my progress as of little miss's bedtime (via instagram)...

i'm hoping to have enough yarn on hand to finish by friday... i probably should have made the base of the bag dark navy but getting as far as i have on the bag today was pretty quick so if i have to whip up a new base i'm not terribly upset about it. for now i'm going with it.

want to see what other yarncrafters are working on this week? be sure to check out Tami Ami's Wednesday WIP linkup!



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